PUMPKINSOUP!   Autumn is beautiful shades of orange, red, brown, green and yellow – and time for cooking my PUMPKIN SOUP. For this soup I prefer the orange pumkin you can see on photos. I used one pumkin of 1500 g and when cleande and cut in pieces – it gives approx. 600-700 g. I hope you like it. I love this PUMKPKIN SOUP.

Ingredients: 500 g Pumkin (cleaned. 1 pumkin approx. 1500 g = cleaned weight approx 600 g); 100 g butter; 1 cup (2 dl) cold water; a litle bit of salt; 1 liter milk, 2 tablespoon sugar.HOW TO DO: STEW: Wash PUMPKIN. Remove and peal the pumpkin with a knife. Remove seeds. Cut the pumpkin meat in pieces and put in large saucepan together with 50 g butter, water and a little bit of salt. Heat to boiling. Reduce heat to low. Simmer.and cook until water is gone and the pumpkin meat is tender. Pass the pumpkin meat through a strainer into a large bowl. Return the pumpkin meat to the saucepan. Add milk, the rest of the butter, sugar – and heat to boiling. When boiling – remove saucepan from heat and serv it. PUMPKINSOUP is a delicous taste of autumn. Bon appetit !

Rhubarb Soup cold with Vanilla Icecream & Mint leaves.

 Rhubarb Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream and Mint leaves. I never had tasted cold Rhubarb Soup before. I learned to make it at Restaurant ”Kommandanten” some years ago. It was at the time the restaurant had just received one Michelin Star. One of four Danish restaurants, who had one Michelin Star for the first time in Denmark. The taste of icecold Rhubarb soup with homemade Vanilla Ice cream decorated with Mint leaves – was an eyeopener to me. And with the pieces of cut Rhubarbs still intact. So I am happy to share with you cold Rhubarb Soup with Vanilla Icecream and a bit of Mint leaves. A refreshing dessert on a warm summer night. Enjoy.

Ingredients: 500 g Rhubarbs; 3-4 dl cold water; 150 g raw, organic sugar (or more, if you like it sweeter); 1 Vanilla pod + a little bit of raw sugar, Lemon juice from 1 organic Lemon. 1 liter Vanilla Ice Cream. Fresh Mint leaves. First we have to pull up some fresh, organic Rhubarbs in my garden. When you pull them up, be careful not to harm the new ”baby-plants”. At spring Rhubarbs litterally burst up of the ground. They are the beginning of a new season of fruits, berries and veggies. Rhubarbs have so much taste. And you can use them in many things. Let’s use these Rhubarbs in a cold Rhubarb Soup. How to do: Rhubarb: Trim roots and tops. Rinse. Cut Rhubarbs. In a pot add Rhubarbs, water, sugar, Vanilla pod mix and the pod itself, juice from one Lemon. Cook about 3-5 minutes. Stirring gently. Be careful – do not cook too long. Rhubarbs must stay in ”the cut pieces” and still be ”cooked”. You can choose to use strainer to only use the Rhubarb Juice for Soup. I prefer it WITH the ”cut pieces” of Rhubarb in the soup. Set aside in refrigerator for a couple of hours. Leave the Vanilla pod in the soup. The Rhubarb Soup must be very cold when served. Serv ice cold soup in a plate. Roll Mint leaves together and cut them. Put one tablespoon of Vanilla Icecream in the middle of your Rhubarb Soup. Decorate with Mint leaves on top op the Rhubarb Soup. SERVING: Rhubarbs straight from my garden in a cold Rhubarb Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream and just a little bit of Mint leaves on top of it all. Refreshing, cold dessert on a warm Summer night…..Bon appetit !

BOUILLABAISSE easy recipe!

bouillabaisseslide1dBOUILLABAISSE step-by-step! BOUILLABAISSE is a famous French classic fish soup. Easy recipe. Healthy fish soup and sooo delicious! HAV Torvehallerne WWW.HAV.DK supplied with fresh TURBOT-FILET, HAKE-FILET, MUSSELS, NORWEGIAN LOBSTER-TAILS and NORWEGIAN LOBSTERS for BOUILLABAISSE. All fresh and excellent quality. You can use many other fish and shellfish – if you want. Here’s my recipe from living in France – my family loves it! BOUILLABAISSE step-by-step. Easy recipe.bouillabaisseslide2aFISH WASTE is one of the most important ingredients to cook fish soup. Fish heads, fish bones from TURBOT and HAKE. Gives taste in the great soup! So use the whole fish ( no ”food waste”) -”Nose-to-tail-eating”. HAV Torvehallerne KBH http://hav.dk/ has fresh fish & shellfish of excellent quality for my BOUILLABAISSE. For fish soup I use TURBOT FILET, HAKE FILET. I prefer both fish and shellfish in my BOUILLABAISSE. So I use MUSSELS: Fresh Danish ”Blåmuslinger” and NORWEGIAN LOBSTERS (whole lobster and tails).                     

INGREDIENTS: 800 g cleaned FISH with solid flesh (TURBOT, HALIBUT, SOLE); 800 g cleaned FISH with loose meat (HAKE, COD, HADDOCK, WHITING); 750 g FISH WASTE (BONE, HEAD, FINS); 3 leeks; 3 shallots or onions; 3 garlic cloves; 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves; 1 teaspoon fresh oregano, chopped; ca. 1½ g SAFFRON threads; 1, 5 dl oliveoil; 1 bay leaf; 1½ teaspoon salt; ½ teaspoon pepper; 1 liter water; 3 big tomatoes, peeled & chopped; 1 kg MUSSELS; 6-12 NORWEGIAN LOBSTER-TAILS; evt. 4-8 NORWEGIAN LOBSTERS.

At your fish-store ask kindly for FISH WASTE and ask him to cut FISH in FILET. (Unless off course you know how to do it yourself). Fresh SHALLOTS gives a lot of taste. I always try to get fresh ingredients of good quality. Vegetables are from Solfrugt – Torvehallerne KBH and herbs from my garden. 1) FISH AND FISH WASTE: Clean under cold water. Cut fish (TURBOT-FILET and HAKE-FILET) in smaller pieces/chunks. Dry it a bit. Let water drip off fish waste. Store in refrigerator.bouillabaisseslide4In large pot cook NORWEGIAN LOBSTERS 3 minutes in hardboiling water. Cool of. Keep in refrigerator until serving in FISH SOUP.bouillabaisseslide3 2) VEGETABLES: Clean vegetables. Clean thoroughly LEEKS.bouillabaisseslide5Cut leeks in thin strips. Repeat with green top of leeks & save the green top of leeks for the FISH STOCK. Peel and chop SHALLOTS og GARLIC CLOVES, keep them separeted. Peel TOMATOES, remove seeds and cut in bigger sizes. Set aside.bouillabaisseslide73) FISH: FISH: SOLID FLESH: TURBOT-FILET blend in a smaller bowl solid fish with marinade of: Half of garlic + saffron, thyme, oregano 1½ tablespoon. Cover it and keep it in refrigerator until further use.

FISH: LOOSE FLESH: HAKE FILET blend in a smaller bowl fish with loose flesh with marinade of the other half of garlic + saffron + thyme + oregano + 1½ tablespoon oliveoil. Cover it and keep it in refrigerator until further use.bouillabaisseslide104) FISH STOCK: A flavourful liquid used as base for fish soup, made by slowly simmering bones and fish trimmings/FISH WASTE with vegetables (GREEN TOP OF LEEKS) in water, then straining: In large pot cook FISH WASTE together with water, leek top; onion, salt & pepper for 35 minutes. Strain fish stock and set aside. Clean MUSSELS.bouillabaisseslide125) FISH SOUP: In large pot heat Olive Oil. Sear 2 chopped Onions + Leek-strips. Add FISH WITH SOLID FLESH (TURBOT-FILET WITH MARINADE). Add strained FISH STOCK. Cook and simmer FISH 3-5 minutes. Add FISH WITH LOOSE FLESH (HAKE-FILET WITH MARINADE) and TOMATOES. Add MUSSELS. Heat to boiling and reduce heat, cook/simmer 5-8 minutes. Add NORWEGIAN LOBSTER-TAILS the last 2-3 minutes and cook them with the rest of the FISH SOUP. Taste and add salt & pepper. When serving add NORWEGIAN LOBSTERS. Serv FISH SOUP warm with bread. BOUILLABAISSE easy recipe – lots of taste & so delicious. French classic. Bon appetit !bouillabaisseslidefinale


HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide1ELDERBERRYSOUP WITH APPLES, LEMON & CINNAMONWould you like some warm & wild ELDERBERRYSOUP WITH APPLES, LEMON & CINNAMON? My recipe is over 100 years old and written in Gothic letters. Got it from a good friend. We picked a basket full of fresh Elderberries: – ”Sambucas nigra” . Rememeber: Green, unripe Elderberries are poisonous. Only black, ripe Elderberries are edible. Use them cooked in soup, juice – is said to boost your immunity. Rinsed Elderberries can be stored in the freezer – so you can enjoy it later on this winter.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide2Elderberries ”Sambucas nigra”: Green, unripe Elderberries are poisonous. Only black, ripe Elderberries are edible.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide3Ingredients: 500 g (I used 800 g) ELDERBERRIES completely ripe, black, rinsed; 1 liter cold water; 6-8 apples (peel, cut in big pieces); 1-2 lemons, organic; lemon zest from 1 of the lemons; 1 whole cinnamon; 1 dl – 1½ dl sugar, organic; 3 tablespoons maizena (cornflour) mixed in a little bit of water.

How to do: Clean & rinse elderberries in a bowl of water. Change water. Remove elderberries from stalks. Only use completely black, ripe elderberries. Measure berries. Pour Elderberries in large pot with water. Heat to boiling, stirring until berries can be squezed (cookingtime approx. 10-15 minutes). In a strainer – with wooden spoon press elderberries through strainer into a big bowl.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide4BPut back elderberryjuice into pot. Add whole cinnamon, Juice from lemon, Zest from lemon, Apples cut in big pieces. Add sugar and mix it. Heat to boiling. Thicken soup with maizena/cornflour. Cook 2 minutes, stirring. SERVING: WARM & WILD ELDERBERRY SOUP WITH APPLES, LEMONS & CINNAMON. A delicious dessert & a boost to your immunity. Bon appetit !HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide6


STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide1bSTINGING NETTLE SOUP also with potatoes, onion, celleriac and thyme – is spring in a soup. Delicious and full of vitamins and minerals. Recipe for 4 servings. STINGING NETTLES is an old medicinal plant introduced in my country in the Middle Ages by the monks from Southern Europe. STINGING NETTLES are told to clear in your body and contain important vitamins and minerals. It is told to have an effect on urinary system, rheumatisme, blood circulation, inflammation. In the summertime my Grandmother used to make me STINGING NETTLE SOUP in my childhood. So she is in my thougts in making this STINGING NETTLE SOUP for you. I picked wild STINGING NETTLES growing at the seaside – purely organic – and right now baby plants are perfect for cooking. You might want to use gloves – they burn – but it’s really worth the effort! STINGING NETTLES is spring in a soup – Enjoy!                                                                                                                     STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide2INGREDIENTS: 200 g STINGING NETTLES; 1 kg potatoes; 500 g onion; 100 g celleriac; ½ l vegetables bouillon; fresh thyme; 1 dl cream; salt & pepper; butter.       STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide3PROCEDURE: STINGING NETTLES: Cut of tough items. (Use gloves) In large bowl wash STINGING NETTLES well to remove any sand and drain. Change water a couple of times. Put STINGING NETTLES in strainer and rinse again. Blanche STINGING NETTLES in strainer with 2-3 liter boiling water. Afterwards they dont burn any longer. With your hands press off the water. Chop STINGING NETTLES. Now they’re ready for the soup.                                                                                 STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide4POTATOES, ONION, CELLERIAC: Cut 100 g celleriac of the bulb. Peel and dice celleriac. Peel, slice and chop onions. Peel and dice potatoes. In a large saucepan, in hot butter cook onion, potatoes, celleriac. Stir.STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide5Add ½ liter vegetables bouillon-water. Add thyme. Mix it well. Heat to boiling – Reduce to low – simmer 30 minutes. Stirr frequently. Cook until vegetables are tender. Blend vegetables and return all blended mixture to saucepan again.             STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide6Add STINGING NETTLES and mix well. Heat the mixture. Stir in cream. Over medium-low heat, heat soup until hot, stirring occasionally, Spoon soup into soup bowls, garnish each with chopped parsley. To serve: STINGING NETTLE SOUP – spring in a soup – rich on important vitamins & minerals. Healthy & delicious – Bon appetit !                                                                                 STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide7