BORGpastaDIAS1PASTA WITH CHICKEN & BACON SAUCE – Garlic, salt, pepper & onion taste deliciously with chicken & bacon. One of my sons favorite dishes for dinner. Quickly and easily made. Recipe for 3-4 persons. I used fresh papadelle or linguine which is cooked until papadelle is tender-crisp. Cooking is love made edible !                                BORGpastaSLIDE2Ingredients: CHICKEN & BACON SAUCE: 500-800 g chickenbreast; 150 g bacon cut into pieces; 250 g mushrooms; 2-3 onions; 2-3 garlic glove, ½ liter (5 dl) cream for food/sauce; butter; salt & pepper; 1 minced parsley; fresh grated Parmesan cheese. PASTA: 500 g fresh pappadelle/linguine; salt.                                                                       BORGpastaSLIDE3 Clean, rinse parsley. Mince parsley.                                                                                      BORGpastaSLIDE4PREPARE CHICKEN & BACONSAUCE: Clean and chop vegetables. Cut chicken breast and bacon in pieces. In saucepan over high heat cook onion and garlic until tender, stirring. Add chicken and cook it, stirr occasionally. Add bacon and cook it, stirr occasionally. Then carefully pour liquid into chicken & bacon mixture in saucepan.             BORGpastaSLIDE5CHICKEN & BACON SAUCE: Cook and simmer 10 minutes. Add salt & pepper to taste. PASTA: In saucepot, prepare papadelle/linguine as label directs. Cook papadelle /linguine until tender-crisp. Drain. Return to saucepot; Keep varm. Into papadelle/linguine, gently stir chicken & bacon mixture. Toss mixture to mix well. You can also either toss with Parmesan cheese or serv Parmesan cheese individually. Serv: PASTA WITH CHICKEN & BACON SAUCE with fresh parsley and a bit of fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Bon appetit !                                                                         BORGpastaSLIDE6

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