LOBSTER ROLLS – is an american way to eat lobsters. Been wanting to make them for a long time. There are two ways to make them: Either Lobster and mayonnaise in rolls or Lobster with mayonnaise, lemon juice, celery, lettuce. So many ways to make them. I like a Lobster Roll with lemon juice, lettuce & celery – and the leading role of the Lobster. I intended to make homemade Rolls from an old recipe of Rolls from my Mother who got it from a good American friend of my Grandmother. But you know time is short, so had to buy them instead. Thank you to www.havtorvehallerne.dk in Copenhagen – where I got three Danish Lobsters from Limfjorden of excellent quality. Enjoy my Lobster Rolls.So I got three beautiful, fresh Danish Lobsters from Limfjorden at WWW.HAV.DK . This is European Lobster – Homarus gammarus – can be up to 60 cm, weight up to 6 kg. And it can be up to 50 years old. These Lobsters have blue tails, blue legs and partly black/blue on the body. European Lobster lives in the North Atlantic Ocean from Lofoten Norway, Sweden, Denmark. According to WWF European Lobster has suffered from overexploitation. I believe in sustainable seafood fishing! Sustainable Lobster fishing is using ”Spare-Tools” for fishing and fishing locally on small boats. These Lobsters are caught locally in Limfjorden in Denmark using ”Spare-Tools” like ”Tejner-Cages”. Lobsters is an expensive and lucrative shellfish – I hope countries and fishing industry with large economic interests in Lobster fishing – will agree on international fishing-quotas in order to protect Lobsters now and in future.HAV Torvehallerne http://hav.dk/ has Lobsters of excellent quality. Look at the blue tail. Lobster is lean meat, a bit high on cholesterol and high in selenium and other minerals. It’s so very delicious – but not every day food. We eat only 1/5 of total weight of the Lobster.Wow amazing, so beautiful Lobsters. Honestly I am not happy about having to take the lives of these animals. But if I/we often eat porc, chicken, fish etc. then I have to cook these Lobsters myself. So in order that the Lobsters don’t suffer to long – boil them as quickly as possible in hardboiling water. For transport it’s good to have a towel of cotton of cold water over the Lobsters plus a little bit of ice in a bag in the box to keep cool. Keep them dark and cool until handling. Keep them out of sun. HAV Torvehallerne http://hav.dk/ has Lobsters of excellent quality. Lobster is lean meat, a bit high on cholesterol and high in selenium and other minerals. It’s so very delicious – but not every day food. We eat only 1/5 of total weight of the animal.LOBSTER ROLLS: LOBSTER: Three to four 500 g – 700 g (1 – to 1 1/4 pound) Lobsters; dill, salt, cold water. ROLLS: -1-2 ROLLS per serving: Hot dog buns. SALAD: 400 g mayonnaise; Juice from 2-4 fresh Lemons; Salt & pepper; Cayenne pepper; Chopped lettuce; chopped celery; fresh dill.

HOW TO DO: BOILED LIVE LOBSTER: Fresh LOBSTER is alive, so it’s necessary to boil it as quickly as possible the same day. In very large saucepot over high heat, heat cold water to boiling. Add salt and dill. Plunge 1 Lobster at a time, headfirst into boiling water. Immediately cover with lid; Cook until water boils again. Cook 10-14 minutes. Covered.When Lobster is done, remove Lobster to another saucepot of ice-water bath for 2 minutes. Then drain.

TO REMOVE COOKED LOBSTER MEAT: Break off claws and legs. With lobster cracker, crack large claws and remove delicious meat. Twist off head from tail. Remove the dark vein and discard it. Gently pull meat from the shell of the tail. Use a lobster pick to pick out the meat. Set aside and keep cool in refrigerator.

SALAD: In a large bowl, mix the mayonnaise with lemon. Season with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. Fold in Lobster meat, diced celery/lettuce, dill. Keep in refrigerator until use.

ROLLS: Heat a large skillet. Brush the sides of the hot dog buns with melted butter and toast until golden brown on both sides. Alternatively warm hot dog buns in the oven at 200°Celcius (400°Fahrenheit) for a couple of minutes. Transfer the hot dog buns to plates, fill them with the Lobster salad. Serv immediately. Serving: Lobster Rolls on the beach. Delicious summer food – Bon appetit !

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