CRAYFISH PARTY – Swedish Kräftskiva

 CRAYFISH PARTY Swedish ”Kräftskiva”. CRAYFISH PARTY or ”Kräftskiva” is a Swedish tradition in August – September. The Swedes eat boiled Crayfish ”Kräftor” with toasted bread or ”knækbrød” and mayonnaise-dressing. And off course drink ”Snaps” Schnapps and sing Swedish songs. ”One Schnapps per Crayfish Claw!”. My Son got us some fresh, live Danish CRAYFISH excellent quality from our local fish-store: Fiskehuset in Gilleleje: CRAYFISH Astacus astacus is a small freshwater shellfish that resembles the lobster in appearance and taste – only much smaller. Crayfish are sold live in their shells. You eat the meat from the tail, claws and the small pocket of rich yellow or orange fat (roe) from the head. Fresh CRAYFISH is alive, so it’s necessary to boil it as quickly as possible the same day. Keep them dark and cool until handling. Keep them out of sun. Put a wet towel of cotton (cold water) over the CRAYFISH.INGREDIENTS: BOILED LIVE CRAYFISH: 5-8 CRAYFISH per person. In Sweden: 20-30 CRAYFISH per person. Dill; salt; cold water in a large saucepot. Serv with: Toasted bread or Swedish ”knækbrød”; Mayonnaise-dressing; dill.

TO PARBOIL LIVE CRAYFISH: Place the CRAYFISH in the sink. Check them. In a large saucepot heat enough water to boiling to cover the crayfish. Plunge the crayfish (3-4 at at time) into the boiling water and heat to boiling. Cook for 4 minutes.  Drain. Remove Saucepot from the heat. Let cooked crayfish cool off 5 minutes in the water in the Saucepot. Drain. Let cool of. When served – peel CRAYFISH. Serv with lots of dill, toasted bread and/or Swedish ”knækbrød”, mayonnaise-dressing and offcourse Schnapps! Serving: Swedish ”Kräftskiva” or CRAYFISH PARTY and remember: Drink one Schnapps per Crayfish Claw and say ”Tjing – Tjing” !

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