RED CURRANT SYRUP taste of summer in a vibrant red colour. Serv LILACS SYRUP chilled with a slice of lemon and icecubes. Or serv a summerdrink with Red Currants Syrup with vodka or champagne. My recipe gives approximately 1 liter of RED CURRANT SYRUP. Fill in cleaned, boiled glass-bottles. I don’t use any conservation – so my Syrup last a short period and be sure to store in refrigerator. RED CURRANT SYRUP a taste of summer in a magical red colour.INGREDIENTS: 1 kg RED CURRANTS (washed, removed stems, drained); 2 liters cold water. Measure per 1 liter strained berryjuice: 350 grams granulated sugar; Cleaned containers/glassbottles/jars of minimum 0,25 liter to 1,5 liters. A container non-reactive to boiling water and to store for 7 days in refrigerator.Pick Red Currants from your bush. I love these Red Currants. They look like Red Gold. Do you know the feeling when you let your thoughts drift and do ”slow-living”? Just picking berries from the bush. It’s so nice. And they taste so great. Good use with other berries in dessert, syrup, cake, stew.HOW TO DO: Wash berries in bowl of cold water. Remove stem from curramts. Rinse. Measure. Add cold water into berries.In saucepan boil at low heat boil Currants with water at low heat until berries brast. Drain the boiled berries (berries drip) through a clean piece of cotton cloth/linen and into a very large bowl (2 liters). Do not squeeze berry mixture in cloth. Measure the Syrup.Heat the Syrup to boiling again. Add sugar stirring constantly. Skim off foam. With large spoon put RED CURRANT SYRUP into glassbottles/ containers and close them. Store in refrigerator. Serv a glass of RED CURRANT SYRUP diluted with ice water, a slice of lemon and ice cubes… RED CURRANT SYRUP a taste of summer in a magical red colour. Bon appetit !

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