BEET SALAD WITH EDAMAME BEANS, ORANGE & LIQUORICE is a healthy, meatless meal. Walnuts goes as topping on this salad. Dressing is a mix of lemon, orange and olive oil. A healthy choice for a MeatFreeWeek. Liqourice powder is optional – but liqorice give a little extra to the taste of the whole salad. And the yellow and red beets are raw. The yellow beet taste at bit more fresh and less sweet than the red beet. I love the yellow beet. Enjoy.                                                                                                                   BEETSALADslide2 Ingredients: SALAD: 600 g yellow and red beets: 1½ cup of yellow beets and 1½ cup of red beets; 1½ cup of edamame beans; 1 orange; ½ cup of walnuts. DRESSING: 2 tablespoons olive oil; Lemon juice from 1 lemon, Orange juice from ½ -1 orange; ½ cup of chopped chives; ½ -1½ teaspoon liquorice powder, a bit of pepper.                                 BEETSALADslide3 PREPARE SALAD: In saucepan boil some water. Add beets into boiling water. Reduce heat to low; simmer 3 minutes. Drain; cool beans.                                                                 BEETSALADslide4Wash beets well with running cold water. Peel beets and cut into bite-sized pieces. Put beets in a colander, to strain off some of the juice. Add some salt and toss gently. Set aside for about 10 minutes.               BEETSALADslide5 My favorite yellow beets tastes so good raw in salad! In a bowl, place edamame beans, yellow and red beets, oranges and toss gently. PREPARE DRESSING: In small bowl, mix all ingredients except the salad. To serv: HEALTHY BEET SALAD WITH EDAMAME BEANS, ORANGE & LIQUORICE – a healthy, meatless meal. Bon appetit !                                                          BEETSALADslide6

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