STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide1bSTINGING NETTLE SOUP also with potatoes, onion, celleriac and thyme – is spring in a soup. Delicious and full of vitamins and minerals. Recipe for 4 servings. STINGING NETTLES is an old medicinal plant introduced in my country in the Middle Ages by the monks from Southern Europe. STINGING NETTLES are told to clear in your body and contain important vitamins and minerals. It is told to have an effect on urinary system, rheumatisme, blood circulation, inflammation. In the summertime my Grandmother used to make me STINGING NETTLE SOUP in my childhood. So she is in my thougts in making this STINGING NETTLE SOUP for you. I picked wild STINGING NETTLES growing at the seaside – purely organic – and right now baby plants are perfect for cooking. You might want to use gloves – they burn – but it’s really worth the effort! STINGING NETTLES is spring in a soup – Enjoy!                                                                                                                     STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide2INGREDIENTS: 200 g STINGING NETTLES; 1 kg potatoes; 500 g onion; 100 g celleriac; ½ l vegetables bouillon; fresh thyme; 1 dl cream; salt & pepper; butter.       STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide3PROCEDURE: STINGING NETTLES: Cut of tough items. (Use gloves) In large bowl wash STINGING NETTLES well to remove any sand and drain. Change water a couple of times. Put STINGING NETTLES in strainer and rinse again. Blanche STINGING NETTLES in strainer with 2-3 liter boiling water. Afterwards they dont burn any longer. With your hands press off the water. Chop STINGING NETTLES. Now they’re ready for the soup.                                                                                 STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide4POTATOES, ONION, CELLERIAC: Cut 100 g celleriac of the bulb. Peel and dice celleriac. Peel, slice and chop onions. Peel and dice potatoes. In a large saucepan, in hot butter cook onion, potatoes, celleriac. Stir.STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide5Add ½ liter vegetables bouillon-water. Add thyme. Mix it well. Heat to boiling – Reduce to low – simmer 30 minutes. Stirr frequently. Cook until vegetables are tender. Blend vegetables and return all blended mixture to saucepan again.             STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide6Add STINGING NETTLES and mix well. Heat the mixture. Stir in cream. Over medium-low heat, heat soup until hot, stirring occasionally, Spoon soup into soup bowls, garnish each with chopped parsley. To serve: STINGING NETTLE SOUP – spring in a soup – rich on important vitamins & minerals. Healthy & delicious – Bon appetit !                                                                                 STINGINGNETTLESOUPslide7

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