DANDELION FLOWER SYRUP. Happiness is sharing my DANDELION FLOWER SYRUP with you. My Grandmother used to make Dandelion Wine, and this recipe is from my Mother. In spring Dandelium flourish everywhere. Pick them only when they are in flowering season for DANDELION FLOWER SYRUP. Use only the yellow flower and calyx. Delicious on pancakes, waffles, vanilla-ice cream, granola on youghurt. Dandelium is an edible and healthy plant. The recipe gives approximately 1,5 liter of DANDELION SYRUP. Filled in three cleaned glass-bottles of 0,5 liter each. Enjoy DANDELION FLOWER SYRUP a taste of sunshine & spring….  DANDELIUMSYRUPslide2Ingredients: 800 g DANDELION FLOWERS & CALYX; 12 dl cold water; ½-1 lemon; 4 ¾ cup (1 kg) sugar.

HOW TO DO: Rinse and clean DANDELION FLOWERS WITH CALYX. Put them in large saucepan. Add 12 dl cold water. Parboil slowly. Put the saucepan away from the heat. Leave it with the lid on – until next day.     DANDELIONSYRUPslide3Next day: Empty all DANDELION FLOWERS in a strainer. Strain off. Press flowers with a wooden ladle or your fingers. Pour the juice in a large saucepan.DANDELIONSYRUPslide5Pour the juice in a large saucepan. Add ½ -1 lemon in slices. Add 1 kg sugar. Parboil slowly and stirr frequently. Boil down untill it thickens. Put a little bit of syrup on a plate and check consistency. It’s suppose to thicken. Neither to thin nor to thick. The boiling down takes me about 1 hour. Now your DANDELION FLOWER SYRUP is ready.                         DANDELIONSYRUPslide6Use a funnel to pour DANDELION FLOWER SYRUP on glass-bottles. Close the bottles. Store it cool or in refrigerator. Homemade DANDELION FLOWER SYRUP tastes like sunshine and springdelicious on pancakes, vanilla ice cream or granola. Bon appetit !DANDELIONSYRUPslide7

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