RØDGRØDslide1XRED CURRANTS & BLACK CURRANT STEW! Sour RED CURRANTS AND BLACK CURRANTS straight from the garden in a STEW SERVED WITH MILK. ”RØDGRØD MED FLØDE” is a Danish specialty. It’s a STEW WITH RED CURRANTS & BLACK CURRANTS. The berries are full of Vitamin C and are very tasty. My Mother made it – and here is my ”RØDGRØD” as I like it. It’s my favorite dessert and a healthy one too. Enjoy … RØDGRØDslide2Ingredients: STEW: 600 g RED CURRANTS (cleaned); 150 g BLACK BERRIES (cleaned); 175 g sugar; 2 cups cold water; 4 tablespoons cornflour Maizena for thickening the stew.

PROCEDURE: STEW: Wash RED CURRANTS AND BLAC CURRANTS. Remove any stems from berries. Have a serving bowl ready. If bowl of glass – put a large spoon of steel into the bowl of glass. In a small bowl mix cornflour/Maizena with a little bit of cold water. RØDGRØDslide3In saucepan add BERRIES and water. Heat all ingredients to boiling. Reduce heat. Add sugar. Simmer 3-5 minutes. Stirring very often, until BERRIES are tender. Remove saucepan with BERRIES from heat.RØDGRØDslide4 Empty all BERRIES in a strainer. Strain off. Press BERRIES with a wooden ladle. Pour the juice in a large saucepan.                                     RØDGRØDslide5 Pour BERRY juice into a large saucepan. Add sugar. Heat BERRY JUICE to boiling and add Maizena, stirring. Simmer for 2 minutes – stirring. It will thicken. Pour STEW into a large bowl. Sprinkle/Add a little bit of sugar on top of stew to prevent a pellicle. Serve varm or refrigerate to serve cold later. If you like, serve with milk or cream. Enjoy RED CURRANTS & BLACK CURRANTS STEW SERVED WITH MILK…or ”Rødgrød med fløde”. Bon appetit !RØDGRØDslide6

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