GALETTEBROMBÆRslide1CWould you like some GALETTE WITH BLACKBERRIES STRAIGHT FROM THE GARDEN? Yummie BLACKBERRIES hanging on thorny branches and bushes as tall as the house. Wish we could fly up and get those big, ripe berries – we even discussed using the trampolin to jump up and get the berries! (That would have been fun for the neighbours). These beautiful BLACKBERRIES wants to be a cake or dessert. So what’s better than this GALETTE WITH BLACKBERRIES STRAIGHT FROM THE GARDEN! Served with whipped cream. I promise you, it’s damn good!GALETTEBROMBÆRslide2This paradise of “Black Gold” is in the garden of a very sweet friend! Picking BLACKBERRIES – and as you can imagine – we had a magic time doing it.  GALETTEBROMBÆRslide3BClean & rinse BLACKBERRIES. Someone (my dog) has to watch over the “Black Gold” 🙂 GALETTEBROMBÆRslide4Ingredients: GALETTE:: 6¼ dl sifted flour; 150 g unsaltet butter, cold; 2½ tablespoons ice water; 5 tablepoons durum wheat flour; 1 egg white; a little bit of salt. BLACKBERRY-FILLING: 750 g BLACKBERRIES; 6 tablespoons icing sugar; 1 tablesoon Creme de cassis or black currant juice. WHIPPED CREAM: ¼ ½ liter heavy cream or whipping cream.

PROCEDURE: Preheat oven 400° Fahrenheit / 200° CelciusGALETTE: Sift flour and salt together in a big bowl. Cut in butter until it looks like coarse corn meal. Stir in icing sugar and icing water. Store in refrigerator for half an hour. BLACKBERRY-FILLING: Clean & rinse BLACKBERRIES. In large bowl toss Blackberries with 4 tablespoons icing sugar and blackcurrant juice.GALETTEBROMBÆRslide5GALETTE: roll dough out flat on table in large circle. Quickly roll dough out, since it’s soft. Lift the galette over on baking sheet on griddle. Sprinkle durum wheat flour on galette – but leave edges of 2½ cm free of durum wheat flour. (no durum wheat flour on edge). Put BLACKBERRY-FILLING on middle of galette. With some of egg white baste edge of galette.GALETTEBROMBÆRslide6Fold edge of galette up and surround BLACKBERRY-FILLING. Press it a little bit together – to prevent juice from running out of galette. With rest of egg white baste the folded GALETTE. Bake galette in preheated oven at 400° fahrenheit (200° Celcius) 25 minuttes. Whisk the whipped cream/heavy cream. Serv: Yummie GALETTE WITH BLACKBERRIES STRAIGHT FROM THE GARDEN & WHIPPED CREAM. Bon appetit.  GALETTEBROMBÆRslide7

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