PIGHVARslide1BAKED WHOLE TURBOT WITH VEGETABLES… is easy dinner and healthy too. TURBOT is one of my absolute favorite fish. Fresh fish – off course from. When you buy the TURBOT at the fish-store – ask the man to cut two ”pockets” on top of the fish along the backbone. He can also remove the head – but I prefer this TURBOT with its head on. Some of the fresh asparagus and leeks are chopped in small pieces and used as stuffing in the ”two pockets”. Served with potatoes and some melted butter-sauce. 3 servings. TURBOT. A big advantage: If you’re afraid of the ”fish-bones” – then TURBOT fishbones are so big – you can’t miss them. Delicious & Healthy. Fish contains Omega 3, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iodine – the amount depends on which fish it is also. Enjoy! PIGHVARslide2BIngredients: FISH: 1,5 kg WHOLE TURBOT; salt & pepper, a little butter (to prevent fish drying out during baking, brush the whole TURBOT with melted butter (or oil). Bake fish without turning it, until done

VEGETABLES & STUFFING: 1 kg small potatoes; 250 g asparagues; 3 leeks; salt & pepper; parsley. SAUCE: 100 g melted butter,PIGHVARslide3PROCEDURE: Preheat oven to 400°Fahrenheit/ 200° (traditionel) Celcius. Grease baking pan. VEGETABLES & STUFFING: Clean and rinse vegetables. Peel potatoes and put in saucepan covered with cold water. Cook potatoes about 10-14 minutes, until done. Depends on their size. Keep warm until serving. Mince asparagues and leeks. FISH: Rinse TURBOT with running cold water. Place TURBOT on baking pan. Fill ”two pockets” in TURBOT with some of the stuffing. Place the rest of stuffing a bit under and around the TURBOT on baking pan. Brush the TURBOT with some melted butter. Add 2-3 dl bouillon to baking pan. Bake TURBOT in preheated oven 35 minutes at 400° Fahrenheit/200° Celcius. SERVING: WHOLE TURBOT BAKED IN OVEN WITH ASPARAGUES, LEEKS & PARSLEY served with potatoes – Bon appetit !PIGHVARslide4B

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