MEXIRICEFISHslide1c MEXICAN RICE WITH FISH… Being with my sweet friend is great inspiration. We both love cooking & baking – forget time. We cook & talk about life & discuss cooking. This MEXICAN RICE she gave to me – and now I give it to you! Excellent with PORC CHOPS, ROASTED CHICKEN OR FISH etc. My family loves it! Chili is also one of the ingredients, I just didn’t add it – but you can use it, if you like chili. I love LEMON SOLE baked in the oven. I get it from Fish contains Omega 3, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iodine – the amount depends on which fish it is. I can only recommend this MEXICAN RICE WITH FISH, PORC OR CHICKEN. 3-4 servings.

Ingredients: FISH: 1 LEMON SOLE per person; salt & pepper, a little butter. MEXICAN RICE: 5 dl parboiled (brown) rice (organic); 6-7 dl boiling water (or enough water to cover rice in saucepan); 1 onion; 1 whole garlic (use all garlic gloves); olive oil; 1 bouillon-cube; 2-3 corn; 2 red, sweet peppers; 250-500 g peas; 4 carots; 1 chili.MEXIRICEFISHslide2bPROCEDURE: Preheat oven to 400°Fahrenheit/ 200° (traditionel) Celcius. RICE & VEGETABLES: Put rice in a strainer, pour cold water over rice, set aside. CORN: Just before cooking, remove the husks and silk. In a saucepot heat the water to boiling, add the corn. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer 5 minutes. Drain. Cool off. Cut of the corn, set aside. ONION: Peel onion and slice it. GARLIC: Peel garlic. Cut roughly all garlic gloves. SWEET PEPPER: Rinse red, sweet peppers. Remove seeds and white membrane. Dice peppers. CAROTS: Rinse, scrape, dice. PEAS: Frozen, ready for use in rice.MEXIRICEFISHslide3MEXICAN RICE: In large saucepan heat oil, cook onion only a little bit (must NOT take colour, until see-through) and stir. Add all garlic gloves and stir. Add the parboiled rice, mix well. Add boiling water so it covers the rice. Add bouillon-cube while dissolving it with your fingers. Mix well, stir frequently – and cook for 25 minutes (or follow instructions according to the rice you use). Cover. When approximately 5 minutes left of rice-cooking – add vegetables except corn. Stir well. When ready – add corn to rice, stir well.MEXIRICEFISHslide4Now this MEXICAN RICE is ready for serving. Next do the LEMON SOLE.MEXIRICEFISHslide5FISH: Grease baking pan with melted butter. Rinse LEMON SOLE with cold water. Place LEMON SOLE in baking pan. with a little bit of butter on top of fish. Bake LEMON SOLE in preheated oven 25 minutes at 400° Fahrenheit/200° Celcius. Bake fish without turning it, until done. LEMON SOLE tastes also good fryed in a saucepan. But it’s easier baked in oven. SERVING: MEXICAN RICE WITH FISH – LEMON SOLE BAKED IN OVEN. A very nice family dinner. Bon appetit !MEXIRICEFISHslide6

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