HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide1ELDERBERRYSOUP WITH APPLES, LEMON & CINNAMONWould you like some warm & wild ELDERBERRYSOUP WITH APPLES, LEMON & CINNAMON? My recipe is over 100 years old and written in Gothic letters. Got it from a good friend. We picked a basket full of fresh Elderberries: – ”Sambucas nigra” . Rememeber: Green, unripe Elderberries are poisonous. Only black, ripe Elderberries are edible. Use them cooked in soup, juice – is said to boost your immunity. Rinsed Elderberries can be stored in the freezer – so you can enjoy it later on this winter.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide2Elderberries ”Sambucas nigra”: Green, unripe Elderberries are poisonous. Only black, ripe Elderberries are edible.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide3Ingredients: 500 g (I used 800 g) ELDERBERRIES completely ripe, black, rinsed; 1 liter cold water; 6-8 apples (peel, cut in big pieces); 1-2 lemons, organic; lemon zest from 1 of the lemons; 1 whole cinnamon; 1 dl – 1½ dl sugar, organic; 3 tablespoons maizena (cornflour) mixed in a little bit of water.

How to do: Clean & rinse elderberries in a bowl of water. Change water. Remove elderberries from stalks. Only use completely black, ripe elderberries. Measure berries. Pour Elderberries in large pot with water. Heat to boiling, stirring until berries can be squezed (cookingtime approx. 10-15 minutes). In a strainer – with wooden spoon press elderberries through strainer into a big bowl.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide4BPut back elderberryjuice into pot. Add whole cinnamon, Juice from lemon, Zest from lemon, Apples cut in big pieces. Add sugar and mix it. Heat to boiling. Thicken soup with maizena/cornflour. Cook 2 minutes, stirring. SERVING: WARM & WILD ELDERBERRY SOUP WITH APPLES, LEMONS & CINNAMON. A delicious dessert & a boost to your immunity. Bon appetit !HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide6

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