CHOCOLATEMOUSslide1CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – THE BEST. Are you ready to fall in love? With a taste of intense passion: CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – and off course it’s French! I got this recipe – when I lived a couple of years in France – from a good, French friend. ”You can’t live in France without having tasted MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT – and knowing how to make it!” – he said. So this is my best recipe on CHOCOLATE MOUSSE for you! It’s light, airy & delicious! You can make it in advance either in large bowl or in 5-6 serving glasses. To be eaten on the same day. NO sugar is added in this Chocolate mousse. Use chocolate of af fine quality and with cocoa percent 66% – 70%. I use fresh, organic eggs in this Chocolate mousse – which I have been doing for many years! But keep a good kitchen hygiene when using eggs. My best CHOCOLATE MOUSSE for you – and it’s French!CHOCOLATEMOUSslide2INGREDIENTS: 200 g dark CHOCOLATE of good quality (66 %-70%); 4 tablespoons cold water; 6 eggs; 1/8 teaspoons salt. 

HOW TO DO: CHOCOLATE: Brake/chop chocolate.  CHOCOLATEMOUSslide3Put chocolate in saucepan or ”Bain-Maire” with 4 tablespoons cold water. Over low heat melt and stir chopped chocolate. When melted and soft chocolate – remove from heat. Set aside and cool off a bit.CHOCOLATEMOUSslide4 EGGS: Separate egg yolks from egg whites in 2 separate, large bowls. Add salt in eggwhites. With mixer at high speed, beat egg whites until stiff peaks.CHOCOLATEMOUSslide5 Add melted chocolate (still lukewarm chocolate) into egg yolks, stirring constantly. Then fold gently 1/3 egg whites into egg yolk/chocolate mixture. Then fold gently rest of egg whites into egg yolk/chocolate mixture. Stir or fold gently in mixture by lifting/folding from bottom and up. This is to mix chocolate and prevent egg whites falling.CHOCOLATEMOUSslide6Pour CHOCOLATE MOUSSE into a large bowl or 5-6 small glasses and refrigerate 3 hours or until set. Serving: My best MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT for you – French off course. Bon appetit !CHOCOLATEMOUSslide7

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