CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide1bCHOKOLATE COOKIES – HAZELNUTS – ORANGE: DARK CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUTS, ORANGE, VANILLA is a heavenly combo for Christmas Cookies! You love Chocolate too? I LOVE chocolate! Use Dark Chocolate of good quality – like Valhrona Dark Chocolate 70 %. These Chocolate Cookies are crispy and tasty. I promise! Recipe: 40-45 Cookies. Use organic ingredients when possible. My family ate them all – I’m afraid I have to make a new portion. The very best CHOCOLATE COOKIES for Christmas.CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide2 Ingredients: 200 g Dark CHOCOLATE Valhrona 70 %; 300 g wheat flour; 90 g HAZELNUTS; 200 g cane sugar (thereof 100 g used for Hazelnuts); 1 teaspoon bakingpowder; 250 g butter; 100 g dark brown sugar; 2 eggs; 1 VANILLA BEAN (Vanilla bean encountered in a bit of sugar); 2 tablespoons ORANGE juice (squeezed Orange juice); a pinch of salt; a bit of love….

HOW TO DO: Preheat oven to 350º Fahrenheit / 175º Celcius. Prepare 2-3 baking sheets with cookie sheets. Encounter VANILLA bean in a bit of sugar. Put HAZELNUTS on a baking sheet. Roast HAZELNUTS approx. 7 minutes in oven. HAZELNUTS slightly golden. Cool off HAZELNUTS. Chop HAZELNUTS with 100 g cane sugar.CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide3Into bowl measure and sift wheatflour, bakingpowder and salt. Chop CHOCOLATE. CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide5 Into large bowl – with mixer – beat butter, rest of cane sugar, dark brown sugar until mixed soft and creamy. Add and fold in gently eggs. Dont stirr to much. Add VANILLA CORN. Add and mix flour mixture and ORANGE juice. Add and fold in chopped CHOCOLATE and HAZELNUTS. Mixture must be sticky not dry. CHOCOLATEslide6Drop mixture by rounded tablespoonfuls, 2,5 cm apart, onto cookie sheet. Bake 10-12 minutes until lightly browned. When baked and out of oven – leave CHOKOLATE COOKIES on warm baking sheet for 3 minutes. With pancake turner remove cookies to wire racks to cool. Repeat with remaining dough. Store CHOCOLATE COOKIES in tightly covered container. Serving: DARK CHOCOLATE – HAZELNUTS – ORANGE in the very best CHOCOLATE COOKIES for Christmas. Merry Christmas & Bon appetit ! CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide7

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