CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide1CHOCOLATECAKE WITH DARK CHOCOLATE AND RHUM! Do you love CHOCOLATECAKE too? Snow and frost outside – CHOCOLATECAKE inside. Dark Chocolate of good quality and RHUM in a French CHOCOLATE CAKE from when I lived in France. Dark Chocolate of good quality is healthy – I use 70 % Cocoa. This cake only has a little bit of sugar, no wheat flour – has eggs and creme fraiche – and on top you decorate with Cacao 100 %. I use mostly organic. Enjoy my CHOCOLATECAKE WITH RHUM.  CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide2INGREDIENTS: 400 g DARK CHOCOLATE (Valhrona 70 %); 6 eggs; ¼ cup (¾ dl) RHUM; ½ cup (100 g) cane sugar; 1 cup (2,5 dl) creme fraiche 18%; 2 tbsp CACAOA (Valhrona 100%).

HOW TO DO: Preheat oven to 350 °Fahrenheit (175º Celcius). Grease one round springform pan quick release (21 cm diameter, 9). You bake this cake in the oven in a ”water bath”. You place the ”springform pan quick release” in a larger form. The larger form is filled half with boiling water. Then you bake the cake in this ”water-bath”in the oven. Chop Chocolate.CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide3AMelt Chocolate in water-bath or ”Bain-Marie”. Mix creme fraiche with RHUM.CHOCOLATERHUMCAKE slide4Beat eggs and sugar until whitening. Fold gently melted Chocolate into Egg/sugar-mixture. Mix creme fraiche/Rhum-mixture in Egg/Chocolate-mixture. CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide5Add mixture into ”springform quick release”. Place springform i a larger bakeform. Fill in half of bakeform with boiling water. Bake in oven 350 Fahrenheit (175 º Celcius) in ”water-bath”/ ”Bain-marie” i 25-30 minutter. Cover springform with the cake with silver foil and bake another 30-35 minutter (still in water bath). Remove silver foil. Cool off in springform. Store CHOCOLATECAKE 8 hours in refrigerator. Serving: Use a small sieve to sift Cacao on top of CHOCOLATECAKE. French CHOCOLATECAKE WITH RHUM & dark CHOCOLATE. Decorate with some fresh orange or strawberries. Bon appetit !CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide6

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