HOT CHOCOLATE is a drink of Gods. Originally a warm drink made from Cacao beans – named ”xocoatl”. It was served at religious ceremonies in the ancient Aztec Empire in Mexico mid of 15th century. The Spanish conquerors experienced a hot Cacao drink served late in the evening according to a local religious ceremony by the wifes or the mistresses… The Spanish wanted gold – but had to content with Cacao-beans – brought them back to Europe. Not till later on Chocolate was made out of Cacao Beans. So Chocolate did turn out to be a true treasure of gold anyway!HOTCHOCOLATEslide2HOT CHOCOLATE with dark chocolate – and without sugar – gives energy. Dark Chocolate is said to both reduce stress and give energy. My son brought home from Venice some delicious Italian, dark Chocolate ”Venchi 1878” – such a lovely scent of Chocolate. Perfect in a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE in the snow in my garden. CHOCOLATE is made of Cacao Beans from the Cacao tree: ”Theobroma cacao”. Originally the Cacao tree is said to have been cultivated in North and Centralamerica. Today Cacao is produced several places worldwide. The largest producer and exporter of Cacao in the world is Africa today. There is a al lot of different quality of Chocolate. But a dark Chocolate of a good quality in HOT CHOCOLATE is perfect on a cold winterday. Served with whipped cream with a bit of icing sugar and Cacao on top. Enjoy and keep warm with a shot of HOT CHOCOLATE. HOTCHOCOLATEslide4CINGREDIENTS: 300 g dark CHOCOLATE 70-85 % (”Venchi 1878”); 3 cups (7½ dl) milk; 1¼ dl whipped cream; 1 tablespoon icing sugar; 2 tablespoons Cacao (Valhrona 100%).

HOW TO DO: Chop CHOCOLATE. Whip the cream and mix icing sugar in it. Set whipped cream in refrigerator until use. In saucepan bring milk to a boil – stir constantly. Mix and stir chopped CHOCOLATE in milk. Stir until melting of CHOCOLATE. No boiling. Pour in HOT CHOCOLATE in (warm) cups. Serv with whipped cream and a bit of Cacao on top of it. HOT CHOCOLATE – still a drink of Gods. Bon appetit !HOTCHOCOLATEslide4B

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