MACARONSRASPBERRYslide1BMACARONS RASPBERY WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE/RASPBERRY CREAM! MACARONS are crispy, sweet bites of heaven. You can make them in all the colours of the rainbow and in your favorite flavours! Serv MACARONS RASPBERRY on Valentines’ Day, as a dessert or just with tea or coffee one afternoon. I used fresh Raspberries to give taste and colour to both the MACARONS and to the cream. The cream is only whipped cream, WHITE CHOCOLATE (Valrhona) and mashed RASPBERRIES. If you want stronger colours – you need to use colouring for food. Tiny French temptations! MACARONSRASPBERRYslide2Ingredients: MACARONS: 100 g ground almonds; 200 g icing sugar; 3 egg whites at room temperature; 50 g sugar; 1-2 teaspoons mashed RASPBERRIES or a few drops of food-colouring. CREAM: ½ dl whipped cream/heavy cream; 100 g WHITE CHOCOLAT ; ½ dl mashed RASPBERRIES.

HOW TO DO: RASPBERRY CREAM: Chop white chocolate fine. Rinse Raspberries. Mash and press Raspberries through a strainer.MACARONSRASPBERRYslide3In a small pot bring sour cream to boiling. Remove the pot from the heat. Add white Chocolate into sour cream in the pot and stir well. Add the mashed raspberies. Mix and stir well. Store in refrigerator until white chocolate is cooled off completely. Eventually store until next day.

MACARONS: Prepare large cookie sheet with foil. Put eggs in the room to get room temperature. Preheat oven to 325° Fahrenheit/160° Celcius. Sift ground almonds and icing sugar in a strainer into a large bowl. Separete egg whites and egg yolks. In a large bowl, with mixer at high speed, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Gradually sprinkle in sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating well after each addition until sugar dissolves and whites stand in stiff, glossy peaks. Fold ground almonds in macaron-mixture with mashed raspberries. Spoon macaron mixture into decorating bag with tube of 1 cm diameter. Onto cookie sheet pipe macarons – mixture into center of 4 cm rounds each. 30-35 MACARONS Hold piping bag in a 90°angle. Leave MACARONS to dry at room temperature on cookiesheet for 30 minutes. Bake MACARONS 15 minutes in preheated oven at 325° Fahrenheit/ 160° Celcius. CREAM: Beat cream lightly. Spoon cream into piping bag (or just a plastic-bag for food. Cut the corner of plastic bag. Pipe cream onto each half of MACARON. Add the other MACARON on top of MACARON with CREAM on. Store in refrigerator. MACARONS WITH RASPBERRY CREAM – a sweet, crispy treat for Valentines Day – or as a dessert. Bon appetit !MACARONSRASPBERRYslide4



HOT CHOCOLATE is a drink of Gods. Originally a warm drink made from Cacao beans – named ”xocoatl”. It was served at religious ceremonies in the ancient Aztec Empire in Mexico mid of 15th century. The Spanish conquerors experienced a hot Cacao drink served late in the evening according to a local religious ceremony by the wifes or the mistresses… The Spanish wanted gold – but had to content with Cacao-beans – brought them back to Europe. Not till later on Chocolate was made out of Cacao Beans. So Chocolate did turn out to be a true treasure of gold anyway!HOTCHOCOLATEslide2HOT CHOCOLATE with dark chocolate – and without sugar – gives energy. Dark Chocolate is said to both reduce stress and give energy. My son brought home from Venice some delicious Italian, dark Chocolate ”Venchi 1878” – such a lovely scent of Chocolate. Perfect in a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE in the snow in my garden. CHOCOLATE is made of Cacao Beans from the Cacao tree: ”Theobroma cacao”. Originally the Cacao tree is said to have been cultivated in North and Centralamerica. Today Cacao is produced several places worldwide. The largest producer and exporter of Cacao in the world is Africa today. There is a al lot of different quality of Chocolate. But a dark Chocolate of a good quality in HOT CHOCOLATE is perfect on a cold winterday. Served with whipped cream with a bit of icing sugar and Cacao on top. Enjoy and keep warm with a shot of HOT CHOCOLATE. HOTCHOCOLATEslide4CINGREDIENTS: 300 g dark CHOCOLATE 70-85 % (”Venchi 1878”); 3 cups (7½ dl) milk; 1¼ dl whipped cream; 1 tablespoon icing sugar; 2 tablespoons Cacao (Valhrona 100%).

HOW TO DO: Chop CHOCOLATE. Whip the cream and mix icing sugar in it. Set whipped cream in refrigerator until use. In saucepan bring milk to a boil – stir constantly. Mix and stir chopped CHOCOLATE in milk. Stir until melting of CHOCOLATE. No boiling. Pour in HOT CHOCOLATE in (warm) cups. Serv with whipped cream and a bit of Cacao on top of it. HOT CHOCOLATE – still a drink of Gods. Bon appetit !HOTCHOCOLATEslide4B


CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide1CHOCOLATECAKE WITH DARK CHOCOLATE AND RHUM! Do you love CHOCOLATECAKE too? Snow and frost outside – CHOCOLATECAKE inside. Dark Chocolate of good quality and RHUM in a French CHOCOLATE CAKE from when I lived in France. Dark Chocolate of good quality is healthy – I use 70 % Cocoa. This cake only has a little bit of sugar, no wheat flour – has eggs and creme fraiche – and on top you decorate with Cacao 100 %. I use mostly organic. Enjoy my CHOCOLATECAKE WITH RHUM.  CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide2INGREDIENTS: 400 g DARK CHOCOLATE (Valhrona 70 %); 6 eggs; ¼ cup (¾ dl) RHUM; ½ cup (100 g) cane sugar; 1 cup (2,5 dl) creme fraiche 18%; 2 tbsp CACAOA (Valhrona 100%).

HOW TO DO: Preheat oven to 350 °Fahrenheit (175º Celcius). Grease one round springform pan quick release (21 cm diameter, 9). You bake this cake in the oven in a ”water bath”. You place the ”springform pan quick release” in a larger form. The larger form is filled half with boiling water. Then you bake the cake in this ”water-bath”in the oven. Chop Chocolate.CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide3AMelt Chocolate in water-bath or ”Bain-Marie”. Mix creme fraiche with RHUM.CHOCOLATERHUMCAKE slide4Beat eggs and sugar until whitening. Fold gently melted Chocolate into Egg/sugar-mixture. Mix creme fraiche/Rhum-mixture in Egg/Chocolate-mixture. CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide5Add mixture into ”springform quick release”. Place springform i a larger bakeform. Fill in half of bakeform with boiling water. Bake in oven 350 Fahrenheit (175 º Celcius) in ”water-bath”/ ”Bain-marie” i 25-30 minutter. Cover springform with the cake with silver foil and bake another 30-35 minutter (still in water bath). Remove silver foil. Cool off in springform. Store CHOCOLATECAKE 8 hours in refrigerator. Serving: Use a small sieve to sift Cacao on top of CHOCOLATECAKE. French CHOCOLATECAKE WITH RHUM & dark CHOCOLATE. Decorate with some fresh orange or strawberries. Bon appetit !CHOCOLATERHUMCAKEslide6


CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide1bCHOKOLATE COOKIES – HAZELNUTS – ORANGE: DARK CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUTS, ORANGE, VANILLA is a heavenly combo for Christmas Cookies! You love Chocolate too? I LOVE chocolate! Use Dark Chocolate of good quality – like Valhrona Dark Chocolate 70 %. These Chocolate Cookies are crispy and tasty. I promise! Recipe: 40-45 Cookies. Use organic ingredients when possible. My family ate them all – I’m afraid I have to make a new portion. The very best CHOCOLATE COOKIES for Christmas.CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide2 Ingredients: 200 g Dark CHOCOLATE Valhrona 70 %; 300 g wheat flour; 90 g HAZELNUTS; 200 g cane sugar (thereof 100 g used for Hazelnuts); 1 teaspoon bakingpowder; 250 g butter; 100 g dark brown sugar; 2 eggs; 1 VANILLA BEAN (Vanilla bean encountered in a bit of sugar); 2 tablespoons ORANGE juice (squeezed Orange juice); a pinch of salt; a bit of love….

HOW TO DO: Preheat oven to 350º Fahrenheit / 175º Celcius. Prepare 2-3 baking sheets with cookie sheets. Encounter VANILLA bean in a bit of sugar. Put HAZELNUTS on a baking sheet. Roast HAZELNUTS approx. 7 minutes in oven. HAZELNUTS slightly golden. Cool off HAZELNUTS. Chop HAZELNUTS with 100 g cane sugar.CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide3Into bowl measure and sift wheatflour, bakingpowder and salt. Chop CHOCOLATE. CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide5 Into large bowl – with mixer – beat butter, rest of cane sugar, dark brown sugar until mixed soft and creamy. Add and fold in gently eggs. Dont stirr to much. Add VANILLA CORN. Add and mix flour mixture and ORANGE juice. Add and fold in chopped CHOCOLATE and HAZELNUTS. Mixture must be sticky not dry. CHOCOLATEslide6Drop mixture by rounded tablespoonfuls, 2,5 cm apart, onto cookie sheet. Bake 10-12 minutes until lightly browned. When baked and out of oven – leave CHOKOLATE COOKIES on warm baking sheet for 3 minutes. With pancake turner remove cookies to wire racks to cool. Repeat with remaining dough. Store CHOCOLATE COOKIES in tightly covered container. Serving: DARK CHOCOLATE – HAZELNUTS – ORANGE in the very best CHOCOLATE COOKIES for Christmas. Merry Christmas & Bon appetit ! CHOCOLATECOOKIESslide7


CHOCOLATEMOUSslide1CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – THE BEST. Are you ready to fall in love? With a taste of intense passion: CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – and off course it’s French! I got this recipe – when I lived a couple of years in France – from a good, French friend. ”You can’t live in France without having tasted MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT – and knowing how to make it!” – he said. So this is my best recipe on CHOCOLATE MOUSSE for you! It’s light, airy & delicious! You can make it in advance either in large bowl or in 5-6 serving glasses. To be eaten on the same day. NO sugar is added in this Chocolate mousse. Use chocolate of af fine quality and with cocoa percent 66% – 70%. I use fresh, organic eggs in this Chocolate mousse – which I have been doing for many years! But keep a good kitchen hygiene when using eggs. My best CHOCOLATE MOUSSE for you – and it’s French!CHOCOLATEMOUSslide2INGREDIENTS: 200 g dark CHOCOLATE of good quality (66 %-70%); 4 tablespoons cold water; 6 eggs; 1/8 teaspoons salt. 

HOW TO DO: CHOCOLATE: Brake/chop chocolate.  CHOCOLATEMOUSslide3Put chocolate in saucepan or ”Bain-Maire” with 4 tablespoons cold water. Over low heat melt and stir chopped chocolate. When melted and soft chocolate – remove from heat. Set aside and cool off a bit.CHOCOLATEMOUSslide4 EGGS: Separate egg yolks from egg whites in 2 separate, large bowls. Add salt in eggwhites. With mixer at high speed, beat egg whites until stiff peaks.CHOCOLATEMOUSslide5 Add melted chocolate (still lukewarm chocolate) into egg yolks, stirring constantly. Then fold gently 1/3 egg whites into egg yolk/chocolate mixture. Then fold gently rest of egg whites into egg yolk/chocolate mixture. Stir or fold gently in mixture by lifting/folding from bottom and up. This is to mix chocolate and prevent egg whites falling.CHOCOLATEMOUSslide6Pour CHOCOLATE MOUSSE into a large bowl or 5-6 small glasses and refrigerate 3 hours or until set. Serving: My best MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT for you – French off course. Bon appetit !CHOCOLATEMOUSslide7


HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide1ELDERBERRYSOUP WITH APPLES, LEMON & CINNAMONWould you like some warm & wild ELDERBERRYSOUP WITH APPLES, LEMON & CINNAMON? My recipe is over 100 years old and written in Gothic letters. Got it from a good friend. We picked a basket full of fresh Elderberries: – ”Sambucas nigra” . Rememeber: Green, unripe Elderberries are poisonous. Only black, ripe Elderberries are edible. Use them cooked in soup, juice – is said to boost your immunity. Rinsed Elderberries can be stored in the freezer – so you can enjoy it later on this winter.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide2Elderberries ”Sambucas nigra”: Green, unripe Elderberries are poisonous. Only black, ripe Elderberries are edible.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide3Ingredients: 500 g (I used 800 g) ELDERBERRIES completely ripe, black, rinsed; 1 liter cold water; 6-8 apples (peel, cut in big pieces); 1-2 lemons, organic; lemon zest from 1 of the lemons; 1 whole cinnamon; 1 dl – 1½ dl sugar, organic; 3 tablespoons maizena (cornflour) mixed in a little bit of water.

How to do: Clean & rinse elderberries in a bowl of water. Change water. Remove elderberries from stalks. Only use completely black, ripe elderberries. Measure berries. Pour Elderberries in large pot with water. Heat to boiling, stirring until berries can be squezed (cookingtime approx. 10-15 minutes). In a strainer – with wooden spoon press elderberries through strainer into a big bowl.HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide4BPut back elderberryjuice into pot. Add whole cinnamon, Juice from lemon, Zest from lemon, Apples cut in big pieces. Add sugar and mix it. Heat to boiling. Thicken soup with maizena/cornflour. Cook 2 minutes, stirring. SERVING: WARM & WILD ELDERBERRY SOUP WITH APPLES, LEMONS & CINNAMON. A delicious dessert & a boost to your immunity. Bon appetit !HYLDEBÆRSUPPEslide6


MEXIRICEFISHslide1c MEXICAN RICE WITH FISH… Being with my sweet friend is great inspiration. We both love cooking & baking – forget time. We cook & talk about life & discuss cooking. This MEXICAN RICE she gave to me – and now I give it to you! Excellent with PORC CHOPS, ROASTED CHICKEN OR FISH etc. My family loves it! Chili is also one of the ingredients, I just didn’t add it – but you can use it, if you like chili. I love LEMON SOLE baked in the oven. I get it from Fish contains Omega 3, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iodine – the amount depends on which fish it is. I can only recommend this MEXICAN RICE WITH FISH, PORC OR CHICKEN. 3-4 servings.

Ingredients: FISH: 1 LEMON SOLE per person; salt & pepper, a little butter. MEXICAN RICE: 5 dl parboiled (brown) rice (organic); 6-7 dl boiling water (or enough water to cover rice in saucepan); 1 onion; 1 whole garlic (use all garlic gloves); olive oil; 1 bouillon-cube; 2-3 corn; 2 red, sweet peppers; 250-500 g peas; 4 carots; 1 chili.MEXIRICEFISHslide2bPROCEDURE: Preheat oven to 400°Fahrenheit/ 200° (traditionel) Celcius. RICE & VEGETABLES: Put rice in a strainer, pour cold water over rice, set aside. CORN: Just before cooking, remove the husks and silk. In a saucepot heat the water to boiling, add the corn. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer 5 minutes. Drain. Cool off. Cut of the corn, set aside. ONION: Peel onion and slice it. GARLIC: Peel garlic. Cut roughly all garlic gloves. SWEET PEPPER: Rinse red, sweet peppers. Remove seeds and white membrane. Dice peppers. CAROTS: Rinse, scrape, dice. PEAS: Frozen, ready for use in rice.MEXIRICEFISHslide3MEXICAN RICE: In large saucepan heat oil, cook onion only a little bit (must NOT take colour, until see-through) and stir. Add all garlic gloves and stir. Add the parboiled rice, mix well. Add boiling water so it covers the rice. Add bouillon-cube while dissolving it with your fingers. Mix well, stir frequently – and cook for 25 minutes (or follow instructions according to the rice you use). Cover. When approximately 5 minutes left of rice-cooking – add vegetables except corn. Stir well. When ready – add corn to rice, stir well.MEXIRICEFISHslide4Now this MEXICAN RICE is ready for serving. Next do the LEMON SOLE.MEXIRICEFISHslide5FISH: Grease baking pan with melted butter. Rinse LEMON SOLE with cold water. Place LEMON SOLE in baking pan. with a little bit of butter on top of fish. Bake LEMON SOLE in preheated oven 25 minutes at 400° Fahrenheit/200° Celcius. Bake fish without turning it, until done. LEMON SOLE tastes also good fryed in a saucepan. But it’s easier baked in oven. SERVING: MEXICAN RICE WITH FISH – LEMON SOLE BAKED IN OVEN. A very nice family dinner. Bon appetit !MEXIRICEFISHslide6


PIGHVARslide1BAKED WHOLE TURBOT WITH VEGETABLES… is easy dinner and healthy too. TURBOT is one of my absolute favorite fish. Fresh fish – off course from. When you buy the TURBOT at the fish-store – ask the man to cut two ”pockets” on top of the fish along the backbone. He can also remove the head – but I prefer this TURBOT with its head on. Some of the fresh asparagus and leeks are chopped in small pieces and used as stuffing in the ”two pockets”. Served with potatoes and some melted butter-sauce. 3 servings. TURBOT. A big advantage: If you’re afraid of the ”fish-bones” – then TURBOT fishbones are so big – you can’t miss them. Delicious & Healthy. Fish contains Omega 3, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iodine – the amount depends on which fish it is also. Enjoy! PIGHVARslide2BIngredients: FISH: 1,5 kg WHOLE TURBOT; salt & pepper, a little butter (to prevent fish drying out during baking, brush the whole TURBOT with melted butter (or oil). Bake fish without turning it, until done

VEGETABLES & STUFFING: 1 kg small potatoes; 250 g asparagues; 3 leeks; salt & pepper; parsley. SAUCE: 100 g melted butter,PIGHVARslide3PROCEDURE: Preheat oven to 400°Fahrenheit/ 200° (traditionel) Celcius. Grease baking pan. VEGETABLES & STUFFING: Clean and rinse vegetables. Peel potatoes and put in saucepan covered with cold water. Cook potatoes about 10-14 minutes, until done. Depends on their size. Keep warm until serving. Mince asparagues and leeks. FISH: Rinse TURBOT with running cold water. Place TURBOT on baking pan. Fill ”two pockets” in TURBOT with some of the stuffing. Place the rest of stuffing a bit under and around the TURBOT on baking pan. Brush the TURBOT with some melted butter. Add 2-3 dl bouillon to baking pan. Bake TURBOT in preheated oven 35 minutes at 400° Fahrenheit/200° Celcius. SERVING: WHOLE TURBOT BAKED IN OVEN WITH ASPARAGUES, LEEKS & PARSLEY served with potatoes – Bon appetit !PIGHVARslide4B


PAVLOVABLACKBERRYslide1B PAVLOVA WITH BLACKBERRIES FROM THE GARDEN. Yummie BLACKBERRIES on thorny, tall bushes. We can’t reach and pick them all. My very sweet friend has such beautiful blackberries in her garden – and we pick some of them for a delicious PAVLOVA WITH BLACKBERRIES. Before baking the meringue cake – I folded in 1-2 tablespoons homemade BLACKBERRY MARMELADE into the edges of the meringue – pls see picture. I also added 2 tablespoons BLACKBERRY MARMELADE to the whipped cream.PAVLOVABROMBÆRslide2 Have you seen these BLACKBERRIES?PAVLOVABROMBÆRslide3Ingredients: PAVLOVA: 3 egg whites; 3/4 cup superfine sugar (150 g), ½ teaspoon vinegar, ½ teaspoon cornflour (maizena). TOPPING: 500 g BLACKBERRIES; 2-4 tablespoons Blackberry Marmelade; 2 cups heavy cream (for whipped cream).PAVLOVABROMBÆRslide4PROCEDURE: PAVLOVA: Preheat oven to 120°C traditionel oven (125°C = 250°F). Measure sugar. Crack and separate the egg whites free of yolk and shell. I give a yolk to my dog, she loves it. Check your egg whites. Pour the egg whites into the bowl. Whisk the egg whites. Add the 1/2 teaspoon vinegar to the egg whites. Continue whisking until the egg whites form stiff peaks and the bowl can be tipped upside down without the egg whites falling out. Stop whisking (eggs must not be over-whisked). Mix the 1 teaspoon cornflour into the sugar. With the egg whites stiff add a big tablespoon of sugar after another while whisking. Once you have added the sugar, continue to whisk until the meringue thicken up. When thickened, stiff and shiny meringue – it’s ready.PAVLOVABROMBÆRslide5Form the PAVLOVA MERINGUE CAKE in a circle/round of 24 cm diameter (9”Pie = 23 cm; 10” = 25 cm) onto a cookie sheet. I use a cookie sheet made of silicone because the meringue don’t stick to the silicone and easy to clean afterwards. Alternatively use a decorating bag for making the PAVLOVA meringue cake. Spoon meringue into large decorating bag. Finally pipe the meringue onto cookie sheet in a circle. Just before baking I added 1-2 tablespoons of homemade BLACKBERRY MARMELADE into the meringue. Pls see on picture. Bake the PAVLOVA meringue cake in the oven for 1½ hours to 2 hours. Place the meringue in the preheatet oven in the lowest part of the oven. Cool of completely on cookie sheet. The meringue is not supposed to stick to cookie sheet, when finished. Store PAVLOVA meringue cake in tightly covered container until use. Place the PAVLOVA on a serving plate. Whip the heavy cream into whipped cream. Eventually add a bit of (2-3 tablespoons) blackberry marmelade. Just before serving spread whipped cream onto PAVLOVA meringue cake and decorate all over with the beautiful BLACKBERRIES in abundance! The best PAVLOVA WITH BLACKBERRIES FROM THE GARDEN. Bon appetit !PAVLOVABROMBÆRslide6


GALETTEBROMBÆRslide1CWould you like some GALETTE WITH BLACKBERRIES STRAIGHT FROM THE GARDEN? Yummie BLACKBERRIES hanging on thorny branches and bushes as tall as the house. Wish we could fly up and get those big, ripe berries – we even discussed using the trampolin to jump up and get the berries! (That would have been fun for the neighbours). These beautiful BLACKBERRIES wants to be a cake or dessert. So what’s better than this GALETTE WITH BLACKBERRIES STRAIGHT FROM THE GARDEN! Served with whipped cream. I promise you, it’s damn good!GALETTEBROMBÆRslide2This paradise of “Black Gold” is in the garden of a very sweet friend! Picking BLACKBERRIES – and as you can imagine – we had a magic time doing it.  GALETTEBROMBÆRslide3BClean & rinse BLACKBERRIES. Someone (my dog) has to watch over the “Black Gold” 🙂 GALETTEBROMBÆRslide4Ingredients: GALETTE:: 6¼ dl sifted flour; 150 g unsaltet butter, cold; 2½ tablespoons ice water; 5 tablepoons durum wheat flour; 1 egg white; a little bit of salt. BLACKBERRY-FILLING: 750 g BLACKBERRIES; 6 tablespoons icing sugar; 1 tablesoon Creme de cassis or black currant juice. WHIPPED CREAM: ¼ ½ liter heavy cream or whipping cream.

PROCEDURE: Preheat oven 400° Fahrenheit / 200° CelciusGALETTE: Sift flour and salt together in a big bowl. Cut in butter until it looks like coarse corn meal. Stir in icing sugar and icing water. Store in refrigerator for half an hour. BLACKBERRY-FILLING: Clean & rinse BLACKBERRIES. In large bowl toss Blackberries with 4 tablespoons icing sugar and blackcurrant juice.GALETTEBROMBÆRslide5GALETTE: roll dough out flat on table in large circle. Quickly roll dough out, since it’s soft. Lift the galette over on baking sheet on griddle. Sprinkle durum wheat flour on galette – but leave edges of 2½ cm free of durum wheat flour. (no durum wheat flour on edge). Put BLACKBERRY-FILLING on middle of galette. With some of egg white baste edge of galette.GALETTEBROMBÆRslide6Fold edge of galette up and surround BLACKBERRY-FILLING. Press it a little bit together – to prevent juice from running out of galette. With rest of egg white baste the folded GALETTE. Bake galette in preheated oven at 400° fahrenheit (200° Celcius) 25 minuttes. Whisk the whipped cream/heavy cream. Serv: Yummie GALETTE WITH BLACKBERRIES STRAIGHT FROM THE GARDEN & WHIPPED CREAM. Bon appetit.  GALETTEBROMBÆRslide7