CRABCAKEslide1 CRABCAKES WITH EDIBLE CRABS is magic dinner on the beach. My Sister is in an amazing Beach House with private beach. It’s sunshine – so wearing bikinis we prepare the boiled EDIBLE CRABS on the beach. Happiness! HAV Torvehallerne in Copenhagen in Denmark WWW.HAV.DK got me these 6 fresh & live EDIBLE CRABS plus a TROLLCRAB! This is an old recipe from my Mother, who got it from a good American friend of my Grandmother. The American President Eisenhower used to come to get the good Ham (in the 1950) on the farm in USA of this friend. She was a good cook. So from me to you: CRABCAKES with EDIBLE CRABS – magic dinner on the beach.CRABCAKESLIDE2 HAV Torvehallerne got me these excellent EDIBLE CRABS – and one TROLLCRAB which is a Danish Lithodes maja. Extraordinary animals right!? So in order that the Crabs don’t suffer to long – boil them as quickly as possible. And so first thing we did – when we came home with the crabs – we boiled them. See how: crabcakeslide3Sea, sun & fun – yes ”put on bikinis” and let’s prepare the cooked CRABS on the beach – where else? How to boil, prepare and peel EDIBLE CRABS please see  Fresh CRAB meat for CRABCAKES. Store CRAB meat in refrigerator until use.crabcakesslide4EDIBLE CRAB or BROWN CRAB – Cancer parugus is delicious & nutricious meat. Avoid foodwaste, eat the WHOLE crab ”from nose to tail” – which is also recommended by WWF Denmark. EDIBLE CRAB is lean meat rich on iodine, zink, potassium, calcium og vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B and healthy fatty acids. Around 1/3 of weight of an adult crab is meat. Approx. half of the crabmeat is white (most delicate) and the other half is brown meat. The meat in the Crab Claws is the most delicate.

INGREDIENTS: BOILED LIVE EDIBLE 6 CRABS: How to boil, prepare and peel EDIBLE CRABS: Please see  Boil TROLLCRAB in hardboiling water 12 minutes. Boil EDIBLE CRABS in hardboiling water 15-20 minutes.crabcakesslide5INGREDIENTS: CRABCAKES: 500 g (1 pound) EDIBLE CRAB meat; 4 slices of bread; ½ cup olive oil; ¼ teaspoon mustard; ½ teaspoon salt; 1 dash paprika; 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce; 1-2 eggs; 1 tablespoon chopped parsley; Serv with: Small, red tomatoes; Salad; Sweet peas; Sweet/sour chili-sauce.                                                HOW TO DO: CRABCAKES: Trim crusts from bread. Lay on flat platter. Pour olive oil over them. Let stand 1 hour. Pull bread apart lightly with two forks. To the small bits of bread add seasonings, yolk(s) of eggs and CRABMEAT. Mix lightly with fork. Fold in stiffly beaten egg white(s) and shape into cakes. Lay cakes ready on a plate.crabcakesslide6Brown in hot skillet just brushed with butter (fat). Cakes will be light, fluffy, and of delicate flavor. Serv with green salad, small tomatoes, fresh sweetpeas, lemonslices, limeslices, sweet & sour chili-sauce.crabcakesslide7 Decoration for top of CRABCAKES: Lemon, lime, tomatoe & sweetpeas. And use of olive oil of excellent, organic quality. Serving: CRABCAKES with EDIBLE CRABS is Magic Dinner on the beach. Bon appetit !crabcakeslide8