CANDIED LILACS –  or CANDIED FLOWERS – tiny cute edible flowers to decorate your dessert or cake. So feminine and fine. Yes, Lilacs Syringa vulgaris are edible flowers. Lilacs grow into huge bushes with hundreds of blossoms that exude the most heavenly scent. Lilacs have a short season and blossom in spring in May.To make CANDIED LILACS I pick lilacs in the morning. I have some in my garden. They also grow wildly at the countryside. So get out there and pick your Lilacs! Store in refrigerator. CANDIED LILACS are so cute.INGREDIENTS: 10 LILAC HEADS; 100 grams granulated sugar; 2 pasteurized Egg whites; Container to store candied lilacs.                                             HOW TO DO: Strip LILAC FLOWERS from their stems. Separate each flower from the lilac.First dip each lilac flower in Egg whites – then dip the lilac flower in granulated sugar. Place each lilac floweer on baking sheet. Place LILACS in a container. Store for 1-2 days in refrigerator. CANDIED LILACS – almost magic…..CANDIED LILACS – are tiny beauties of spring to decorate your cake or dessert. Bon appetit !