PUMPKINSOUP!   Autumn is beautiful shades of orange, red, brown, green and yellow – and time for cooking my PUMPKIN SOUP. For this soup I prefer the orange pumkin you can see on photos. I used one pumkin of 1500 g and when cleande and cut in pieces – it gives approx. 600-700 g. I hope you like it. I love this PUMKPKIN SOUP.

Ingredients: 500 g Pumkin (cleaned. 1 pumkin approx. 1500 g = cleaned weight approx 600 g); 100 g butter; 1 cup (2 dl) cold water; a litle bit of salt; 1 liter milk, 2 tablespoon sugar.HOW TO DO: STEW: Wash PUMPKIN. Remove and peal the pumpkin with a knife. Remove seeds. Cut the pumpkin meat in pieces and put in large saucepan together with 50 g butter, water and a little bit of salt. Heat to boiling. Reduce heat to low. Simmer.and cook until water is gone and the pumpkin meat is tender. Pass the pumpkin meat through a strainer into a large bowl. Return the pumpkin meat to the saucepan. Add milk, the rest of the butter, sugar – and heat to boiling. When boiling – remove saucepan from heat and serv it. PUMPKINSOUP is a delicous taste of autumn. Bon appetit !