FRENCH APPLE TART. It’s apple time! My very good friend and I visited to pick apples & pears straight from the tree. It was arriving in Edens Garden. Frydenlund Frugtplantage is a very beautiful plantation with 23.000 apple-trees and pear-trees. We picked ”Discovery” apples, ”Sunrise” apples and ”Clara Friis” Pears. When an apple hang and ripen on the apple tree – it has time to develop aroma/flavour. It tastes heavenly fresh, juicy, crunchy, sweet and aromatic. I am SO in love with these fruits – naturally I I will make a French Apple Tart. Enjoy.Picking Apples at The plantation has 23.000 Apple and Pear Trees. When the apple hangs on the tree until it’s ripe – it develops aromatic flavour. Some of the oldest trees are planted 1930’ies and the youngest trees in 2008. It is very beautiful place with a long history – and a famous lovestory – perhaps I will tell you one day.Danish “Discovery” Apples1 kg Apples for an Apple Tart – Do you think I have enough?INGREDIENTS: TART SHELL: 225 g sifted wheat flour; 225 g butter, 4 ½ tablespoons cold water. Tart 24 cm diameter. Melted butter to grease the baking form, a little flour to spread on to the greased baking form.

APPLES: 1 kg APPLES; 4 tablespoons butter; 4 tablespoons canesugar; 2 lemons; 3-4 tablesponns Apricots Marmalade + 1-2 tablespoons cold water; Heavy/Whipping cream = optional (but I like it :-)).

HOW TO DO: TART SHELL: Preheat oven 400°F (200°C traditionel oven). Grease tarts shells with melted butter. Spread flour on to greased baking form. Sift the flour. Add butter. Stir in ice water with a fork. Gather dough with fingers. Gather dough into a ball. Chill dough ½ – 1 hour. Roll out the ball on a lightly floured board, handling as little as possible. Fit pastry into tart shell. With fork, prick pastry in many places to prevent puffing during baking. Trim, leaving an overlap to be turned under and fluted or crimped for an attractive edge. Bake in a 42°F (200°C) oven for about 15 minutes. Cool off before filling with apples.

APPLES: Peel and core apples, cut in equal slices. Put apple-slices in a bowl with juice from 2 lemons. (So apples wont get brownish). Lay all apples pieces on the tart shell. Start in outer circle and go around. Work towards the center. Melt butter and grease apples with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in oven at 425° F (225° C) 10-12 minutes. Warm Apricot Marmalade with cold water in a small pot. Not boiling. Remove Apple Tart from oven. Brush warm Apples (not edge) with warmed Apricot Marmalade on the apples. Cool Apple Tart on wire rack. Serv warm or cool completely to serve later. If you like, serve with heavy cream. From me to you: My APPLE TART with fresh Apples we picked straight from Apple-trees at Frydenlund Frugtplantage. I love it! Bon appetit !