PAELLA WITH SEAFOOD…. is Magical dinner at the beach! We live in a small fishing village at the sea. It gives acces to very fresh fish and shellfish of excellent quality. And I love it. So naturally we often eat fresh seafood. Today we use fresh Danish SQUID, Turbot or Cod and Tails of Norwegian Lobsters from The Danish Squid has ten arms. I did add Danish Seaweed from Seaweed is healthy ”super food”.Ingredients: PAELLA/SEAFOOD: 2 Squid, fresh; 150 g Turbot or Cod fillets (without skin); Norwegian Lobster tails; 2 lemons; Olive oil; 375 g Paella or Risotto rice; ½ teaspoon Saffron threads + 2 tablespoons Warm water; 1¼ liter boiling fish-flavor bouillon-water; Seaweed; salt & pepper. VEGETABLES: 1 Red Onion, 2 Garlic, pressed; 225 g Tomatoes; 1 Chili; Olive oil;

HOW TO DO: Prepare the vegetables first. Clean and rinse vegetables. Chop the onion. Press garlic. Remove seeds in Chili and chop it. Put Saffron threads in the warm water – set aside for a couple of minutes.SEAFOOD: SQUID: This is an 10-armed Danish Squid. Remove the black/ greyish thing on the squid. Please see on photo. Pull out/Remove the cartilage. It’s the sort of ”sceleton” of the Squid.Cut the Squid in pieces. FISH: Put Cod (Turbot) fillet in a pot with barely boilling fish bouillon water. Poach fish 5 minutes. Remove fish from pot and put in strainer and rinse with cold water. Put Squid and Norwegian Lobster-tails in the bouillon and cook 2 minutes. Cut Cod fillet in pieces and set aside with Squid and Norwegian Lobster-tails. Leave the bouillon simmer. PAELLA: Heat oil in Paella-pan. (I had to use a large Pot instead LOL. ). Fry 1 minute Onion. Add Garlic, Chili and ”Saffron in water” stirring. Add Tomatoes and fry 2 minutes, stirring. Add Rice. Add most of fish-bouillon and heat to boiling. Simmer without lid for 10 minutes. Season – add some Seaweed. Cook 10 minutes – or until rice is almost tender. Add more fish-bouillon if necessary. Add Cod, Squid, Norwegian Lobster-tails and cook 1-2 minutes. When ready – remove from heat. Serv with Lemons cut in halves. SERVING: We love this Paella with seafood – fresh Squid, Cod, Norwegian Lobster-tails – it’s magic 🙂 Bon appetit !

CRAYFISH PARTY – Swedish Kräftskiva

 CRAYFISH PARTY Swedish ”Kräftskiva”. CRAYFISH PARTY or ”Kräftskiva” is a Swedish tradition in August – September. The Swedes eat boiled Crayfish ”Kräftor” with toasted bread or ”knækbrød” and mayonnaise-dressing. And off course drink ”Snaps” Schnapps and sing Swedish songs. ”One Schnapps per Crayfish Claw!”. My Son got us some fresh, live Danish CRAYFISH excellent quality from our local fish-store: Fiskehuset in Gilleleje: CRAYFISH Astacus astacus is a small freshwater shellfish that resembles the lobster in appearance and taste – only much smaller. Crayfish are sold live in their shells. You eat the meat from the tail, claws and the small pocket of rich yellow or orange fat (roe) from the head. Fresh CRAYFISH is alive, so it’s necessary to boil it as quickly as possible the same day. Keep them dark and cool until handling. Keep them out of sun. Put a wet towel of cotton (cold water) over the CRAYFISH.INGREDIENTS: BOILED LIVE CRAYFISH: 5-8 CRAYFISH per person. In Sweden: 20-30 CRAYFISH per person. Dill; salt; cold water in a large saucepot. Serv with: Toasted bread or Swedish ”knækbrød”; Mayonnaise-dressing; dill.

TO PARBOIL LIVE CRAYFISH: Place the CRAYFISH in the sink. Check them. In a large saucepot heat enough water to boiling to cover the crayfish. Plunge the crayfish (3-4 at at time) into the boiling water and heat to boiling. Cook for 4 minutes.  Drain. Remove Saucepot from the heat. Let cooked crayfish cool off 5 minutes in the water in the Saucepot. Drain. Let cool of. When served – peel CRAYFISH. Serv with lots of dill, toasted bread and/or Swedish ”knækbrød”, mayonnaise-dressing and offcourse Schnapps! Serving: Swedish ”Kräftskiva” or CRAYFISH PARTY and remember: Drink one Schnapps per Crayfish Claw and say ”Tjing – Tjing” !


TASKEKRABslide1a DEVILED CRAB WITH BROWN CRAB! This is an old recipe from my Mother, who got it from an American friend of my Grandmothers. The American President Eisenhower used to come to get the good Ham (in the 1950’ies) on the farm in USA of this friend. She was a good cook. So from me to you: DEVILED CRAB with EDIBLE CRABS. EDIBLE CRAB or BROWN CRAB – Cancer parugus is delicious & nutricious meat. Avoid waste of food, eat the WHOLE crab ”from nose to tail”. EDIBLE CRAB is lean meat rich on iodine, zink, potassium, calcium og vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B and healthy fatty acids. HAV Torvehallerne in Copenhagen in Denmark WWW.HAV.DK got me these 6 super beautiful and so fresh & live EDIBLE CRABS. HAV Torvehallerne have EDIBLE CRABS of excellent quality.TASKERKABBEslide2HAV Torvehallerne in Copenhagen in Denmark WWW.HAV.DK got me these 6 excellent BROWN CRABS – and they’re so fresh. Uh, would like elastics on those claws, unfortunately elastics will fall off. Have to do without.TASKEKRABBEslide3 Amazing animals right!? I am not used to take life from an animal to eat it. But we eat chicken, porc, oxe etc. – who have been slaughtered. Only I didn’t do this myself. Boiling live BROWN CRABS – it becomes very present, that one take a life from an animal to eat it. It’s not nice. I have the deepest respect for this animal. I thank for it. So in order that the Crabs don’t suffer  to long – boil them as quickly as possible. And so first thing we did – when we came home with the crabs – we boiled them. Rather than only eating Crab Claws – it’s better to eat the WHOLE Edible Crab – which is also recommended by WWF Denmark. Around 1/3 of weight of an adult crab is meat. Approx. half of the crabmeat is white (most delicate) and the other half is brown meat. The meat in the Crab Claws is the most delicate. TASKEKRABBEslide4bBROWN CRAB or EDIBLE CRAB lives in the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and Kattegat, Skagerrak. It’s an nocturnal predator targeting a range of molluscs and crustaceans. A mature adult may have a carapace width of up to 25 cm (10 in) and weigh up to 3 kg (6,6 lb). It lives on the sea bed. EDIBLE CRAB is mature when 5-6 years old. Longevity is 25-30 years. This one is the biggest one, Beautiful animal.

INGREDIENTS: BOILED LIVE EDIBLE CRAB: 4 EDIBLE CRABS (1 per serving); dill; 1 flat beer; salt (2 tablespoons salt per litre water). 1 large saucepot filled with cold water. When boiling live Crabs: HOT BOILING WATER covering the crab constantly!

DEVILED CRAB: 500 g (1 pound) EDIBLE CRAB meat; 1 tablespoon butter; 2 tablespoon flour; 2 ½ dl (1 cup) cream; 1 teaspoon salt; ½ -1 teaspoon mustard; 1-2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce; 2 hardboiled eggs, chopped fine; Red pepper; Breadcrumbs (2-3 slices in crumbs); 2-3 tablespoons melted butter; 4 carapaces (cleaned, 1 per serving). Decoration: Dill, a flower or….?TASKEKRABBEslide5bHOW TO DO: BOILED LIVE BROWN CRAB: Fresh BROWN CRAB is alive, so it’s necessary to boil it as quickly as possible the same day. We came home with 6 big, beautiful and so fresh BROWN CRABS. Must admit I was scared of them. Keep them dark and cool until handling. Keep them out of sun. Eventually put a piece of cloth of coton soaked with cold water over the crabs. We did that, but the biggest crab took the cloth. Bring large saucepot to boiling water. Add salt, dill and the beer. If the crabs grab each other with claws and legs – do not try to pull them apart. Or else legs and claws will be ripped off. Instead put a bit of cold water on crab – it should react to the water and stop holding the other crab. Hold the claws, turn and plunge CRAB into the boiling water., headfirst and on the bag/carapace. Immediately cover with lid, Cook over high heat untill water boils again, Cook 15-20 minutes covered when water is boiling, TASKEKRABBEslide6When crab is done, remove crab from saucepot. Cool crab off on its bag. When cooled off, store in refrigerator untill further use.TASKEKRABBEslide7PEEL BROWN CRAB: Place CRAB on its bag. Break off claws and legs. Set aside. Meat from claws is the most delicate. Clean exterieur/surface of carapace with cloth.TASKEKRABBEslide8With thumbs press body backwards and out off carapace. Set aside. With thumbs press jar/stomach backwards and down into carapace. Remove it from carapace. Remove the hard parts. Not edible. Remove brown, edible crab meat from carapace. Set aside. Rinse/clean carapace.TASKEKRABBEslide8bBreak carefully bone joints/leg pits off with a knife. In the ”Cells” you have fine, white crabmeat. Remove the middle brownish of the body, clean it a bit. Eventually cut body in two halfs with a knife. Take out fine, edible white crabmeat from body and from legpits (sort of ”cells”) with lobster pick. This white crabmeat is excellent.TASKEKRABBEslide9Break carapace smaller – along with the fine line round the caracace. Use your flat hand, a cloth to do it. Take shells away. Save carapace for serving later. Remove “dead-mans-fingers”. Not edible. TASKEKRABBEslide10 CRAB-BODY: Remove crab meat from body with lobster pick. This fine, white meat is edible and is very delicate. CRAB-CLAWS: Claw meat is the most delicate! Crack claws and remove meat. Remember pull out point of claws which is a delicacy. Be carefull to remove all shell parts. Very unpleasant in your mouth. Now you have all meat from the WHOLE BROWN CRAB. No food waste! A mature adult BROWN CRAB the meat represents 1/3 of total weight.TASKEKRABBEslide12DEVILED CRAB: Blend butter and flour over low heat. Then add cream. Stir until thick. Add seasoning, making ”hot” according to your taste. Fold carefully CRAB meat and eggs chopped fine. Fill shells (carapace). Cover with buttered bread crumbs. Bake and brown in oven 15-20 minutes at 200° Celsius/400° Fahrenheit. Served warm. Served: DEVILED CRAB with BROWN CRABS. Eat the whole BROWN CRAB, very delicious & nutricios meat – Bon appetit !TASKERKABBEslide1b