Rhubarb Soup cold with Vanilla Icecream & Mint leaves.

 Rhubarb Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream and Mint leaves. I never had tasted cold Rhubarb Soup before. I learned to make it at Restaurant ”Kommandanten” some years ago. It was at the time the restaurant had just received one Michelin Star. One of four Danish restaurants, who had one Michelin Star for the first time in Denmark. The taste of icecold Rhubarb soup with homemade Vanilla Ice cream decorated with Mint leaves – was an eyeopener to me. And with the pieces of cut Rhubarbs still intact. So I am happy to share with you cold Rhubarb Soup with Vanilla Icecream and a bit of Mint leaves. A refreshing dessert on a warm summer night. Enjoy.

Ingredients: 500 g Rhubarbs; 3-4 dl cold water; 150 g raw, organic sugar (or more, if you like it sweeter); 1 Vanilla pod + a little bit of raw sugar, Lemon juice from 1 organic Lemon. 1 liter Vanilla Ice Cream. Fresh Mint leaves. First we have to pull up some fresh, organic Rhubarbs in my garden. When you pull them up, be careful not to harm the new ”baby-plants”. At spring Rhubarbs litterally burst up of the ground. They are the beginning of a new season of fruits, berries and veggies. Rhubarbs have so much taste. And you can use them in many things. Let’s use these Rhubarbs in a cold Rhubarb Soup. How to do: Rhubarb: Trim roots and tops. Rinse. Cut Rhubarbs. In a pot add Rhubarbs, water, sugar, Vanilla pod mix and the pod itself, juice from one Lemon. Cook about 3-5 minutes. Stirring gently. Be careful – do not cook too long. Rhubarbs must stay in ”the cut pieces” and still be ”cooked”. You can choose to use strainer to only use the Rhubarb Juice for Soup. I prefer it WITH the ”cut pieces” of Rhubarb in the soup. Set aside in refrigerator for a couple of hours. Leave the Vanilla pod in the soup. The Rhubarb Soup must be very cold when served. Serv ice cold soup in a plate. Roll Mint leaves together and cut them. Put one tablespoon of Vanilla Icecream in the middle of your Rhubarb Soup. Decorate with Mint leaves on top op the Rhubarb Soup. SERVING: Rhubarbs straight from my garden in a cold Rhubarb Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream and just a little bit of Mint leaves on top of it all. Refreshing, cold dessert on a warm Summer night…..Bon appetit !