WILD ROSEHIPS MARMALADE. WILD ROSEHIPS from ”Rosa rugosa” are filled with vitamin C and vitamin A. Grow wildly on bushes at seaside along our beaches and coastline. My recipe gives approx. 1,5 liter marmalade. Prepare jars of glass and caps for processing. Each jar is 0,5 liter, so you need 6 jars. You can preserve raw Rosehips in freezer. Some think it’s easier to remove the seeds. I just prepare and use Rosehips right after picking. I LOVE wild Rosehips marmelade and make it each summer. A taste of summer in a marmalade. Enjoy!INGREDIENTS: 1,5 kg fresh WILD ROSEHIPS (prepared rosehips 750 grams to 1 kg), ½ lliter water, Juice from 2-3 lemons, 375 g – 500 g sugar, 2-3 teaspoon fruit pectin ( Rød Melatin, Marmeladejævning).HOW TO DO: Cut of flower and stem. Cut rosehips in two. Remove seeds. Rinse with cold water all the rosehips. Mesure. Chop rosehips. In heavy saucepot mix Rosehips with water and lemonjuice. Over high heat, heat mixture to boiling, stirring. Boil, stirring. With spoon, skim off foam and seeds. Boiling approx. 15 minutes, stirring. With potato masher thoroughly crush rosehips. Keep mixture simmering. In a small pot mix 1/3 of the sugar with fruit pectin (Marmelade-jævning). Mix most of the sugar (2/3 without the fruit pectin) with Rosehips mixture in the saucepot, so it’s boiling/simmering the last 10 minutes of boiling. Mix rest of sugar (1/3 of sugar mixed with pectin) with rosehips mixture in saucepot. Keep simmering, stirring for 2 minutes. Immediately laddle rosehips mixture into jars. Close jars. Store in refrigerator. Serv: WILD ROSEHIPS MARMALADE – orange, summer in a marmalade and rich on Vitamin C. Bon appetit !


ROSESIRUPslide1ROSESYRUP is ”a summerdrink that rocks!” ROSESYRUP from the petals of Wild Roses ”Rosa rugosa” is so beautiful. Wild Roses grow into bushes at the seaside with hundreds of roses that exude the most heavenly scent. – even the petals have that scent. And these Rose petals are used to make ROSESYRUP. The recipe gives approximately 2 liters of ROSESYRUP. Fill in cleaned, boiled glass-bottles. Store in refrigerator. I use no preservatives such as ”Atamon”. Therefore short durability and store in refrigerator. ROSESYRUP has a magical red colour. Serv ROSESYRUP chilled with a slice of lemon and icecubes. Have a taste of Summer.ROSESIRUPslide2Have you ever had a real treasure in your hands? This little basket full of petals of the Wild Roses sure feels like one. Today I went foraging these Rosepetals “Rosa rugosa” at the seaside.ROSESIRUPslide3Sheherazade in 1001 Nights must have had Rose petals…..ROSESIRUPslide4INGREDIENTS: A pot of petals from Wild Roses ”Rosa rugosa” = Approx. 300 g Rosepetals; 1 – 1½ kg WHITE organic granulated sugar; 1 tablespoon citric acid; 2½ – 3 liter cold water. Container non-reactive to boiling water of minimum 3 liters; glass-bottles, a funnel.

HOW TO DO: Place Rosepetals in a large pot. Pour cold water in the pot.   ROSESIRUPslide5aBring water and Rosepetals to boil while stirring. Boil and simmer while stirring for 5 minutes. Rosepetals change colour to greyish and become softer. Add citric acid into Rosepetals-mixture. Stir well (”from bottom and up and around”) so that citric acid dissolves. Colour changes at once to a beautiful red! Looks fabulous!ROSESIRUPslide7Use a clean tea-towell/piece of cloth (cotton) – to pass the ROSESYRUP through the cloth into the large container. Pour back into the large pot the sifted ROSESYRUP. Add sugar into ROSESYRUP while stirring. Bring ROSE SYRUP to boil and stir – so that sugar dissolves. Fill ROSE SYRUP in cleaned, boiled glass-containers. Close bottles. Store ROSE SYRUP in refrigerator. Serv a glass of ROSESYRUP diluted with ice water, a slice of lemon and ice cubes… ROSESYRUP a taste of summer in a magical red colour. ENJOY !ROSESIRUPslide6a